Hospitality Social Media Promotions

In the current world, one’s online identity through sites like Twitter and Facebook becomes of extreme importance. Nearly every institution has its presence in the virtual web space through websites like the ones mentioned. Social media has become the space where the customer body voices its opinions and therefore, becomes a significant field of interest for the hospitality industry. Every hotel chain, regardless of how big or small, has trapped the potential of social networking websites and has made utilization of these to popularize their businesses. Hotels use social networking for customer care and often use sites like Twitter to drop a line for its regular customers, thereby building an image to be a concerned and caring body.

The most effective hotels utilize social networking beyond just customer service. They utilize the sites to defeat customers’needs and try and meet them. They’re often used to offer the guests insights to the hotel and the facilities it provides. Through social networking promotions, even smaller hotels are improving their customer services and providing them with apparently personalized facilities. Customers can also order online and make reservations.

Since mothers are essential figures in the hospitality industry, because they are the major decision-makers of families, hotels are also aiming at getting in touch with them through several mom blogs. Even a huge company like Walt Disney has made utilization of mothers to constitute its World Moms Panel that engages in answering questions on the amusement parks for the company pro media promotion. A lot of hospitality brands often invite mothers to participate in events they organize.

Social Media is often the responsibility of a person department of a hospitality brand. So it will be extremely critical that the employees who handle the accounts in the social networking sites, are informed and educated about their respective companies in a comprehensive manner. If the employees themselves know nothing of these company, an individual is left unsatisfied and the complete purpose of social network promotion lies defeated.

Every employee of the brand needs to keep yourself updated of the brand’s presence in social media. Those people who are better informed should let the others alert to it. The employees should also be encouraged to make use of this for their particular needs. The biggest hotels have made sure their workers are adequately educated of hospitality social media. When employees tweet or update their Facebook statuses while being on the work shifts, it automatically creates an advantage for hospitality social networking promotions. It becomes an advertising that is made without the extra cost. Such promotions often go a long way in creating the brand’s image with the customer. The employees can also offer personalized services to customers who react to the tweet or status.

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