Screen Printing Lingo You Should Know

Who would like to look naive when enquiring about screen printing for his or her business? Nobody. So this is actually the fundamental lingo that will help you to question the whole process without searching foolish and understand what’s on offer.

Screen Printing

The word describes an approach to pushing paint via a screen made from an excellent mesh, prepared to ensure that a few of the mesh does not let paint through, to produce a design. It’s also referred to as silkscreen, silk-screening and serigraph talking about the initial material that printing screens were created of and the opportunity to create a number of prints.


Substrate it the top that’s being printed. Substrates are varied, most abundant in common ones being fabric and paper. Screen printers will make reference to their screens as getting a substrate along with a squeegee side, correspondingly along side it in which the screen touches the substrate and also the side in which the ink is pressed finished a squeegee.


A squeegee is comparable to a wiper, accustomed to squeeze ink with the mesh from the treated screen to the substrate. Screen printing boca raton Squeegee blades can be difficult or soft and may have square, rounded or pointed blade edges for that experience different substrates.

Durometer may be the number indicating report from the squeegee blade, the greater the amount greater it’s with 70 being the most typical durometer. Soft round squeegees tend to be more frequently employed for fabrics while hard sharp edged and square squeegees prosper on non-porous surfaces.

Screen Mesh Prints

The screen mesh may be the polyester utilized in screen printing for that screen. It’s available in a thread-count of 40 to 400. The greater the thread-count, the less ink it’ll let through.

Screen mesh is available in either white-colored or yellow. When exposing an optimistic onto mesh the colour could make the main difference between soft and sharp images. White-colored mesh reflects the sunshine from the contact with every side and thus creates softer lines as the colored mesh with less reflection creates a sharper image.

Screen Printing Frame

Last, but certainly most famously, may be the screen printing frame which supports the screen mesh. They are produced from wood or aluminum. Wooden frames don’t range close to lengthy as aluminum frames which cost a lot more. Frames are frequently pre-tensioned but re-tensionable frames with moving bars that may tightened the mesh to the tension needed can also be found.

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